3rd International Culinary Contest "Cocina creativa de la Gamba Roja de Dénia"

The winners are:

1st.- D. MANUEL ALONSO, Restaurante Casa Manolo (Daimúz, Valencia)

2nd.- D. JOAQUÍN BAEZA RUFETE, Restaurante Baeza Rufete (Alicante)

3rd.- D. JOSÉ MIGUEL MORENO RUIZ, Restaurante Tierra (Toledo)


The 4th of March was held the 3rd International Cooking Competition "Dénia Red Prawn Creative Cuisine" at the DÉNIA INDOOR MARKET (Magallanes St.)

This event is a tribute to the red prawn of Dénia and helps to promote young cooks who bet on creative cuisine.


Check out the competition rules and enter online

Application deadline: Coming soon!

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