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municipal market

Location: 16 Magallanes Street

Services: You will find fresh and first-rate product as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bakery, salted fish, cafes, etc.

Opening hours. From 9.00 h to 15.00 h from Monday to Saturday. Wide external offer on Fridays, with fruits and vegetable.


fish market

Location: Port of Dénia – Fishing Quay

Opening hours: we can watch how the ships arrive to port from 15.30 h to 18.00 h. From July 1st.

Fish auction: From Monday to Friday, from 17.00 h, all year round, except during the month of biological halt. From July 1st.

Fish sale: Sale to the public from Monday to Friday from 17.15 h until approx. 21.15 h.

Sale of great variety of sea products: Dénia red prawn, lobsters, sea urchins and different fresh seafood; octopus, anchovy, squid, hook fishing and all kind of fresh fish.

open air markets

The weekly market is located on the car park at Germans Maristes street, on Mondays morning from 8.00 h to 13.30 h. During the "Fira de Tots Sants" (funfair) it will be situated in other place (consult place and timetable to the Tourist Info office).

Antiquities flea market (is located on the car park at Germans Maristes street, on Friday morning from 8.00 h to 13:30 h. During the "Fira de Tots Sants" (funfair) there will be no antiquities flea market. Sale of antiquities and second hand objects.)

Spring and summer open air market is located in the port area in front of Bellavista street, from 18.00 h. to midnight (until 1.00 h approx. in summer and festivities's eves). Sale stalls with a bohemian and handicraft atmosphere where you can find a great variety of products: imitation jewellery, leather goods, paintings, etc.

Frecuency: Spring (Mid-March to 1st week in June): weekends and festivities. Summer (Mid-June to Mid-September): every day.

Market at Jesús Pobre Riurau:

Food and local products: Sep-Jun, 9.00 h to 14.00 h. and Jun-Sep, 18.00 h. to 23.00 h. Web

Antiquities flea market: first Sunday of the month from 9.00 h to 14.00 h.

cellars and restaurants with cellar

Our gastronomy is well known nationally and internationally for the good work of our local chefs but also for the excellent wines of the region with which we accompany our dishes ...

Visit the wineries of the region and let yourself be surprised!

Do not forget to stop by one of the restaurants with a cellar where you can also buy a bottle of your favorite wine.