Archaeological Museum

The building which houses the City’s Archaeology Museum is located in two buildings known as the “Palau del governador” (Governor’s Palace); there are few remains of a Palace complex located inside the upper premises of the Castle. It dates from the 17th century and it has a Renaissance architectural style. Its construction as a scenic viewpoint or gallery formed part of a recreation and rest area attached to the Summer Palace of the Marquises Dénia. Nowadays, it still conserves the stone room and first floor.

The premises have 190 m2. Its main façade faces the east in a stone-excavated room. Its restoration was completed in 1984, following a long period of degradation and carelessness which was caused by the War of Succession (1708).

The museum has arranged its rooms according to the city’s development, from its earliest origins until the 18th Century, divided into 4 areas which correspond to the different ages of its development:

  • Iberian Age: Iberian settlement (l’Alt de Benimaquía ruins, etc.) and beginning of the Roman colonization.
  • Roman Age: The city of Dianium and its evolution.
  • Muslim Age: The city of Daniya and the importance of the Taifa Kingdom of Dénia.
  • Christian Age: The city during the 13th – 18th Centuries.

Dénia’s history and archaeology are intimately linked to its port activity and it was an essential trading city from where ships navigated the Mediterranean Sea.

Access and Location

Pedestrian Access

Entrance: San Francisco Street.

Stairways next to the Town Council provide access to the castle and the museum is located inside in its upper section.


• November-March: 10:30 a.m -12:45 p.m and 3:30 p.m to 5:45 p.m.

• April-May: 10:30 a.m - 1:15 p.m  and 3:30 p.m - 6:45 p.m.

• June: 10:30 a.m - 2pm /  4.30pm - 8.15pm

• From July to 15th september: 10:30 a.m - 1:15 p.m and 5:30 p.m - 8:15 p.m. (Exception: During the special summer nights timetable, the museum closes at 10 p.m).

• From 16th to 30th September: 10:30 a.m - 1:15 p.m and 4:30 p.m - 7:45 p.m.

• October: 10:30 a.m - 12:45 p.m and 3:30 p.m - 6:15 p.m.




Castillo de Dénia

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